Best You Tube Channels for Learning How To Mix

Hello Composers! So besides composing i guess nowadays you also should learn how mix your own music by yourself. I would like to share with you some of my favourite You Tube Channels about Production, Mixing And Mastering, not all of them are for composers and not all of them about mixing trailer or orchestral music only, but anyway if you want to succeed in creating a good sound quality for your tracks you have to understand the difference between mixing real and virtual instruments.
And of course in the comments you can write your own favourite You Tube channels about mixing and mastering for composers to help each other here.

  1. Studio Time With Junkie Xl -

Studio Time with Junkie XL is a great series of free tutorial videos where Tom not only shows how he composes his scores in Cubase but also explains everything about mixing and production, in some episodes he shows the final versions of his scores recorded and play by real orchestra so you can compose the sound production of his music he creates in Cubase with real orchestra mixes.

  1. Mix With The Masters -

Mix with the Masters is a community of the best top world’s mixing and mastering engineers and composers. If you buy a yearly membership to MWTM you can watch the videos of Alan Meyerson mixing original hollywood scores and apply his tips and techniques in your own mixes to make your orchestral, cinematic music better.

  1. Produce Like A Pro -

Produce Like A Pro is created by amazing and super talented mixing engineer Warren Huart, on one hand you won’t find anything cinematic music connected on his channel, but at PLAP Academy there are tons of high quality multitracks to create your portfolio, plus Warren constantly does studio tours and interviews with the best engineers and producers in the music industry. So you can learn much from them and see what gear they use (especially Junkie Xl, Warren did an amazing studio tour and interview with Tom), and after all you’ll understand better how your synths, drums, bass, guitars and even vocals should sound great in the mix with a help of Warren and his tips, advice and techniques.

  1. Nick Murray -
    Nick Murray has a couple of tutorials about mixing and creating trailer orchestral music on his channel.

5.Waves Audio -
Waves audio has a series of free and super awesome tutorials about mixing and production on there web site, plus if you use Waves plugins for production of your music so you can learn from the best producers how to use Waves plugins on a really high level.

  1. MusicTech Help Guy -
    Really amazing channel about working in Logic Pro X, Joshua has many great videos about everything connected to Logic: mixing, mastering, production, sound design and so on.

  2. Pensado’s Place -
    Dave Pensado is super awesome engineer, you may find lots of great tutorials about music production on his channel.


This is super helpful thanks so much! Gonna be binge watching this week I think.

Alex Moukala, who i’m sure has been mentioned also has a yotube channel with loads of great videos, on everything from trailer music to cinematic etc.

All great suggestions here! Cinesamples also has some great videos with Tim Starnes.

Great list! Thanks for sharing Alexey :slight_smile:

Joël Dollié also has some really helpful stuff on his channel too :

He’s done quite a few live streams, which are cool to see his workflow.


Great suggestions. If your still getting your mixing foundations right I would highly recommend the recording revolution YouTube page. Graham C is really really good at breaking down every step of the mixing and recording process and it’s aimed at the bedroom producer.

He also has a free YouTube walkthrough course where you watch him mix and record from scratch. One in ideal mixing situation (in his studio) and another in a bad mixing situation (a cafe with apple earbuds). It’s great to demystify the process :slight_smile:


I would like to share this channel:

I learned a lot from this guy :wink:

Hope that can help you


I really like „MixBusTV“. David is super cool and knows a lot and will never tell you wrong things!

Check out Joe Guilder aka. MR. Entertainment and David Glenn / ProAudioFiles as well!

Happy Mixing!
Alexey (JLX)