Best Studio Monitors

Hello Composers, Mike here! :smiley:

What Studio Monitors do you currently have? Which ones would you get if money was not an issue? And which ones would you say are the best when accounting for value/price?

Yamaha HS7

  • These are the monitors I use currently. And I have the white version, which I call my “Stormtroopers”, because of how they look. The sound is great, and I can truly recommend them, and consider them great value for the price. =)

Genelec 8351 APM

  • If money was a non-issue I would probably personally go for a pair of Genelecs in the high range. They have a great reputation in the music studio world, sleek design with good acoustic properties, and from hearing them on an audio industry convention they have an excellent and open sound.

So let me hear your thoughts my fellow composers. What studio monitors do you currently have, and which ones would you get if money was not an issue? =)

Mikael “Mike” Baggström
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Hello composers! It’s Venn

At the moment I’m using Yamaha HS8s. Although a lot of people use them, I’m not greatly satisfied with them… I am planning to get their OP amps upgraded and possibly mod them to remove low frequency limiters.

Other than that, I am using Kurzweil KS40A as a reference monitors and planing to check Adam Audio’s A8X. If the money was not something to consider, I’d go for Focal TRIO6BE.


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Oh yeah Adam studio monitors have a very good reputation. I would consider them too. Atm I am happy with mine since my studio room is tiny and I would have a hard time getting good monitoring in here anyway, haha.

Just like Glen, I’m using HS8s. The reason for the bigger speaker is because if you look at the frequency responses between the ranges, the 8s are slightly more flat. Which works for me in my room, tbh I’d say any speaker your used to is a great speaker. You just need to know it’s quirks which just takes time.

Ironically I’ve been getting to know mine all over again as I recently moved rooms (and houses). I started to get to know them again a few weeks ago and then noticed a slight delay between the speakers… at that point the room wasn’t treated at all but on my right hand side is actually some curtains that are always closed when I mix, there also dead space behind them before the window. So I quickly realised that one of my first reflection points was treated by the curtain (ironically) and the other wasn’t… which has been really throwing off my mixes… I mean my bass end was non existed in bounces, the mixes were one sided and the verb was completely over done in every mix I did. I ended up sending my mixes to a producer to send me feedback and just go off that, luckily this redeemed me before I sent the pieces to my clients. Around 2 weeks ago I bout a pretty hefty acoustic panel for the other side. Man, my mixes are back to normal and actually a little better than in my old room.

My speakers weren’t the issue… if I have ever had issues it’s always in my knowing how my speakers react or my room…

Having said that I actually really like the personus Eris range… i know they’re cheaper and not genelecs but every time I’ve used them I’ve had awesome results and that’s all that matters. Used to have a set of Adams and genelecs in the college where I first studied… they were ok… ironically I preferred their cheaper speakers there too which were KRKS. These days those speakers are frowned upon by a lot of composers but the frequency response on them even today is quite good I’d say. They usually got me good mixes anyways… except they were only 5” so the bass end was always a little off. Not the brands fault though.

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Oh if only we had a properly acoustically treated studio to work in. I feel your pain. My studio is a tiny extra room in my apartment. We just have to try to make it work for us. =/

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Yeah it’s getting there with slowly adding a panel every so often, but it’s slow. It’s improved hugely just by fixing that reflection point though which is good! Here’s a picture of my setup so you can see how My gear is set up. Luckily I have around a foot and a half of clearance from the wall to the speakers which really helps. My room isn’t huge but it allowed for that which I’m ver grateful


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Small space in a multi purpose office so a pair of the superb KRK Rokit 5s in use here. Really love them.

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Okay, I’ll chime in …I have hs8s but I’m not using them , they are a great speaker in the right space …I found out in a small room environment it’s best to go with a smaller speaker , tune the room and introduce a sub … with a full range speaker it’s hard to tune a room it’s easier to introduce bass into the environment then it is to put in a ton of corner traps to absorb it out
My JBL LSR 305s and matching sub threw my hs8s under the bus … the main studio has been updated with dynaudios bm6 mk3 and matching 12 sub …it all sounds good …I mix on mains and only spot check with headphones periodically
I am interested in the focal alpha65s great sounding speaker …and some atc25s


These will be my next monitors

hopefully mated to this D/A converter

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I’m using Yamaha HS8s with a low tuned 15" sub, aiming for a flat response from 20 Hz and up. The HS8s are flush mount in a faceted wall, forming a reflection-free zone. The HS8 bass reflex ports are plugged, since they don’t play where those operate anyway in this setup. Room treatment only on the rear wall currently; ceiling to do - but it already works incredibly well without that.

The only issue I’ve had with the HS8s is that regardless of EQ switch settings, they’re ever so slightly harsh sounding - an issue that I’ve now eliminated by calibrating the whole system with Sonarworks Reference 4.

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Ive tuned my whole room and had hs8s and sub … I pulled them out and replaced them with dynaudio bm6s and matching sub … I liked the hs8s but they were not working well in my environment … I’ve not dropped a cloud over the mix position but thats the next project along with some AD/DA converter upgrades…anyhow … even with the eq settings on the speakers backed off … I found they were not well balanced when I used those settings … anyhow let me know how you make out with the issue,