Best Reference Tracks For Different Genres

Hello guys,

I want to build up a good list of the best reference tracks for each genre, so everybody has the opportunity to learn from them…analyse the composition, production/mixing, cool FX etc. everything you think is outstanding in every aspect.

Please call out the tracks for each genre and write down, why you think this specific track is an amazing reference track to look up to! Don’t post just a track without any further information. Your substantiation doesn’t have to be long. I will start with my first example:

Genre: Trailer Music (Percussion driven)

Why I think this track is a great reference track?

  1. Composition: As it’s a percussion driven track, the focus of course lies mainly on the percussion. Heavy hits with lots of distortion etc. a lot of breaks and risers in between, so it’s easy for an editor to cut the track, as he would like to. As mainly all trailer cues this one builds throughout until the end and finished with hard-hitting hits. Overall the track has all the aspects which define a good and solid trailer cue.

  2. Production/Mixing: In my opinion this is what’s really sticking out. How well balanced and clean the whole production is. Actually incredibly for my ears. I heard a lot of tracks like this, but none of them was so well produced as this one. Even the tracks on the same album “Collision” are not in the same league (mixing-wise). This one definitely sticks out. Another aspect which I find amazing, the limiting. It’s heavy limited, because of the genre, but you don’t hear it like that. Other tracks don’t have so much dynamics as this track has. I know a lot of “instruments” are missing, which could potentially fill out the space/headroom even more, but that’s not the point. You hear that everything found it’s space in the mix. Really clever production.

So if you are into trailer percussion, consider buying this one as your main reference.

As I said before, let’s find other well-produced tracks, so we can build a great resource which helps us produce even better music!

Peace to everyone!

Alexey (JLX)


Great initiative Alexey…in time we could build like a “reference track list” for many styles of music! :slight_smile:

I have to think a while about what I will add here, right now my mind got stuck on trailer music but I would love to have as you say more reference tracks in super high production quality for more genres/styles! :smiley: