Best percussion library for orchestral?

Hello composers
what is for you the best percussion library for orchestral composition, not epic but just full orchestral with timpani, triangle, gong, bass drum, sanre drum, metallic percussion.
i use projectsam orchestral essential 1 but sometime other composer or musician said that the snare drum sound cheap :wink:


For a complete range of natural and standard orchestral percussion without any processing, my new go to is the Orchestral Percussion SDX module for Superior Drummer 3. :slight_smile:

I made a video demo of it here:

thanks mikael, i will check that
your demo sounds great and it gives me good idea of what it sounds like

Thanks, btw one downside is that you need to own the “master plugin” which is Superior Drummer 3. However, to be honest I preferred working with the GUI in Superior Drummer 3 than Kontakt. You can scale the interface as you want, and it is much clearer in my opinion.

I like CinePercs, Damage , Action Strikes and Audio Imperia Drums those are good drums libraries for me.

Albion ones drums have loads of stuff if you’re looking for more cinematic than trailer , really nice collections of toms, cymbals , big easter island hits.