Best Orchestral Choir VST Libraries (Top List)

Best Orchestral Choir VST Library?

Are you looking for orchestral choir libraries? Anything from small chamber choirs to big and lush ensembles. While “Best” is of course always subjective, here is a complete top list (based on input from fellow composers):

Best Orchestral Choir VST Libraries

Things You should Consider

  • Male, Female or Children
  • Ensemble Size & Room
  • Sound Quality & Consistency
  • Sound Character & Tone
  • Dynamic Levels & Round Robins
  • Sections & Articulations
  • Presets & Variation
  • User Interface & Features
  • Playability & Performance
  • Microphone & Mixing

Your Input is Wanted!

Do you have experience on any of these products? Do you have suggestions on products you think could make this top list?

Share your thoughts, perspective, and join the discussion in the thread below! :slight_smile:

Mikael Baggström
Founder of Professional Composers


there is also :
oceania from performance sample
mars from soundiron
venus from soundiron
ethera from zero
rhodope 2 from strezov sampling

there is also some specific choir library like :
cantus, mystica, shevanai from best service


Ah I forgot about Oceania, thank you. Mars and Venus are both in Olympus Choir from Soundiron. Ethera is not specifically a choir library, so I will make another top list for “Cinematic Sample Libraries” and include it there. These reference lists can be great for both new and experienced composers. And I will update them from the feedback and experience shared in the discussions (like I do now from your input)! :slight_smile:

I do own “Lacrimosa” from 8Dio.

There was a special sale this year and I just wanted to have a “better” sounding choir, which I didn’t have before. In my opinion the legato-patches and the sound overall is quite nice, rich and “believable”. What I don’t like is the staccato rhythmic phrases-patch, where you can create your own phrases. The “words” are not always helpful, when you combine them, a lot of “zzzz” “sss” etc. but what really bothers me, that if you change the rhythmic-pattern, like triols, they are just off of timing, so after you bounce the patch, you need to adjust these manually in your DAW. I hate that. I want it to sound on “one”, not on “one-e”…or even later…

I have a couple of 8Dios libraries and find that the scripting is not always top-notch. Lately was working with one of the HybridTools Synth patches, and believe it or not, I was composing in Emin. Opened one of the patches, started to play around, and the patch was just off (so not Emin). At the bottom octave you need to select the key, in which the patch should play). It was selected on “E”. But in reality I need to push “D” to be in “E”…really? I was like, pfff…what’s going on here…So what I did, I just transposed the main channel to -2 so, when I play “E”, the patch plays “D”…really stupid. Actually need to write them and inform them. I believe there were more patches like this as well…


I have no 8dio libraries myself, but I seen they focus a lot on choirs. They seem to have a great dynamic range to create arcs and crescendos etc. right? :slight_smile:

I hate buildup of “s” it gets really annoying. I would like libraries to let me easily choose which performance notes will include “s” in the phrase. I think Oceania has that feature?

Hmm bad scripting is also very frustrating. Would you still recommend 8dio choirs?

@Mikael definitely. But I would always wait until they go down in price.

I do believe that 600$ for a choir is too much, for what you get. Yes you will have a great choir to work with, but you will get only one specific style.

I saw the live-demos from Oceania and was really surprised by the playability. I would consider to go first with this one.

I have StormChoir 2 which is amazing for action choirs. I have Olympus Choirs which is alright, but I would like more dynamic range on sustains for those beautful arcs etc.

Hi, I like Strezov Sampling - Balkan choir. I think it has a very specific application & sounds really good in fantasy type compositions. They’re all pretty expensive so I try to do some research before saving up.

I use Requiem Lite for solo voices on top and have found the choir in Kontakt Factory Selections to work well. On a budget, the instruments in Kontakt (orchestral, as well) sound better than some of the libraries I’ve looked at.

They all have different controls for syllables & articulation, something I find time consuming and mildly annoying. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been thinking about the Eric Whitacre Library. I love my Spitfire Libraries, but they are expensive. I’ve used their LABS version for texture, so interested in that one. Not sure I can justify paying for it right now.

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Lacrimosa has a good ModWheel response and 8Dio said, it is the “best” in terms of legato-playability. Check out the real live demos, maybe it will be more clear.

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