Best online instructional courses

Hi Guys

Thought it’d be a good topic to see what courses people have taken and what they recommend.

There’s quite a few for trailer orchestration, courses from thinkspace, evenant etc so if anyone has taken courses from these and can recommend etc I think it would be helpful to people.

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Great question Ben! :smiley:
So for starters I would be a fool if I did not mention that I have been teaching online courses on music for many years (see above in the top menu “Courses”), or check them here: courses on music composition, production & sound design. :wink:

I have also taken the Evenant course:
Cinematic Music – From idea to Finished Recording

This is a very long and extensive course that goes through all the main aspects of writing cinematic music, and I can 100% recommend it. :slight_smile:

They have a course on Trailer Music composition too, but I haven’t taken it myself so can’t offer any insights there I’m afraid.

I can also highly recommend checking out some courses from a good friend of mine (also member of this community) Jonathan Armanandy @SoundtrackAcad. He is a very good teacher, and explains everything in a clear way. :slight_smile:

Jonathan’s courses on Udemy

Thinkspace I have no experience of at all, but their channel on YouTube is hilarious, and you can but only love that guy running it :stuck_out_tongue:

I have taken an extensive amount of online courses, it depends on what you’re looking to learn.
I can’t recommend enough the two Berklee Online classes:

Each one of them is 12 weeks and is extremely well structured and explained. You need to be disciplined because you have weekly live classes (that are recorded and that you can watch later if you can’t attend) as well as weekly exercises and assignments. I absolutely loved my experience studying with them, one of the best places to learn.

Another one that you might like is Cinematic Composing’s online classes that are also well structured and taught by Marc Jovani, who used to be a Berklee teacher too.

One great place that I’m looking forward to sign up for is Score Club. Many friends took these classes and only had fantastic things to say about it.

Last but not least, there are some great YouTube Channels such as Rick Beato and Michael Patti for music theory, and for mockups, some developers such as Project Sam have some great videos.



just only to know, if I wanna apply to online berklee course should I have some requirement? I mean degree in music or bachelor of music ? or… I don’t know heheh, cuz I really would like to do it.

Every program, as well as individual courses listed on Berklee’s website, have a “requirement” section listed on their page where you will find all the information related to that specific program or course.

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Are these the courses by J Allen ?
The Berklee film and tv1?

I’m currently enrolled in J Allen’s courses for music and he is a Berklee instructor …

I thought I’d add in here that the evenant course for trailer music isn’t taking on any new students atm. Which I find strange that they’re limiting it considering it’s an online course but they ho.

There’s a great course I’ve almost finished tma mastermind. It’s a trailer music course which is really good

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The courses are taught by Ben Newhouse, fantastic teacher, i loved studying with him. He’s very knowledgeable and everything he talked about was relevant and was exactly what I experienced working in the industry.

Thanks for the insight ! I need to take a look at this program