Best Free Orchestral VST Libraries :)

Free Orchestral VST Libraries (My Top List)

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i have just finish to download the orchestral free orchestra
i will check it this we,
the labs from spitfire audio is amazing
and the projetcsam free orchestra is very good


I had some issues installing the Sine player of Orchestral Tools first, but managed to get it working. I still find the LABS series the best of all of these. :slight_smile:

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I agree with above. I think labs choir and labs soft piano is amazing. I choose labs soft piano over some of those I bought, for some music. I’ll try OT layers next.

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Nice, Mike.
I think you could have mentioned the Ample Guitar as well. This is amazing too :slight_smile:

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I have Ample Guitar, but it was paid? Is it free now?

There is a free version standalone VST available Ample Guitar M Lite v2.31 and Ample Bass P Lite v2.31
i used it in my track “memories”

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The free solo violin from performance samples is truly awesome, there’s a few artefacts in the sounds but it actually adds to the sound rather than take anything away. Very good plugin!


Nice! I just noticed they have several free instruments on their website. :smiley:

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Yeah there are a few but that ones the best. There’s a choir which is nice, the horn patch is great… though it’s an angry brass legacy that sounds more like an affordable Marcato patch, so is great for accents

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Hello Guys,
there is another very nice freebie:

Ferrum - Free Edition

The Free Edition consists of hand-picked metallic percussion samples that introduce the potential of the library.

It has quite a lot samples of metal percussion, whats not bad for free.
The best of all, it works with the Kontakt Player :smiley:

Check it out!!



I would like the BBC Orchestra from SpitFire.

It usually is 50 bucks BUT they give you the chance of getting it for free by compailing a survey… and it’s really worth it in my opinion :slight_smile:

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Hey Luca,

thats nice, we had a big topics about that, which can be found here:

and here

It worth reading them more or less…


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Thank you for the share of my article Michael. Means a lot! It’s definitely worth getting it for free if you can afford to wait two weeks for the download code. I wouldn’t pay for it if you are looking for commercial use of this library, but it’s a great starting place.


Oh I’m worry I was in a bit of an hurry and missed it :frowning:

I’ll be more careful

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