Best Features in Cubase

What are your Favorite Features in Cubase?

Alright so I ask this as a Logic user, not because I am looking to switch DAW, but because I want to know what super mega features I miss out on…so I can push Logic developer team on implementing it :wink:

I use Cubase although I am still learning my way around some advanced features since I switched from FL Studio.

My favorite thing so far is the Expression Map, it basically allows me to create a preset for articulations of any instrument, and integrates them into the piano roll editor without having to worry about keyswitching anymore.

i don’t know if it is my favorite but i like the way in cubase to draw automation it is not only line and plot but it can be curve and i like that you can by example draw a crescendo non linear but exponential like start very slow and suddenly increase to the max level but in real legato
i use is a lot for pan, level, or other automation like filer, resonnace, cutoff, fx

On the UI level, I really like the folder tracks, the ability to colorcode tracks and clips individually, and vertical scale being managed per track, including automation lanes.

On the technical level, being able to basically build your own mixer from tracks, groups, sends, sidechains etc, makes sound design and mixing really smooth. No need to shoehorn things into a hardwired track/group/bus/master structure.


Expression maps by far and followed by disable/enable instrument tracks. With the latest option it gave me the perfect tool to create a large template of single instrument tracks that Cubase also see as sort of audio tracks (I can apply audio fx plugins). With a key command I can quickly enable/disable tracks and gives me a very solid workflow like.
Audiowarp is also a very neat feature if you need to adjust things when working with picture.


So I have used Logic since 2014, but I keep an eye out on other DAWs features. Disable/enable tracks was recently introduced in Logic too, and it is sooooo great to have.

Expression maps is one thing I think Cubase is leading in right now of all DAWs.

A feature I would love to have in Logic is a global chord track that can also be used to changed parts in the score. Studio One has the best chord track feature by far. Cubase has one but not as well implemented yet. Logic had a chord track feature in 9, which was removed for some insane reason in version X.

I would love to have a global chord track that looks at all tracks playing, and then shows what the chords are for each measure. This would help me immensely as I always make mistakes when recording because I forgot what the chord progression was. I want visual aid. Right now I create a MIDI track for it, or use the markers to write down the chords, but it is tedious and the chords does not align to the measures.


A global chord track would be awesome indeed, though I must admit I hardly use the chord track in Cubase, but when on tight deadlines it can be a nifty tool to quickly create a progression.

One other thing I also like about Cubase is the sampler that they added. Though for sure not the best sampler, but it can be very nice to quickly drop a wav file there and have instantly playable.
Another great feature is the Logical Preset Editor to make your own macro’s and that kind of stuff. I used to do that a lot, but lately been using/doing that less.

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No not to create chord progressions…to visually aid my composition workflow by seeing the entire chord progression I use inside the composition. When I record new parts and voices this feature would be GOLD! :smiley:

The sampler in Logic (ESX24) is probably the ugliest piece of software/plugin I seen since the 90s. It is long due for an update! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree, I’ve been dreaming of this feature a long time! I keep going into my MIDI editor to check what chord I’m supposed to be in when I live record. Totally get what you’re saying!

I also use the marker track as a workaround. Maybe if they introduced a “notepad” track where people can put in free text, it would be a good start.

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Sometimes I even use the arrenger track to write down the chords, which can be tricky as moving them around in that way is not how it is supposed to be used. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes, that would be awesome indeed! Hopefully they will add such a feature in an update.

Especially if you are like me and most often use leading chords and quick chord changes. It’s easy to remember block chord bar changes. But put in 8 chords in 4 measures, and go beyond triads, then at least I forget when I try to record a new part live.

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