Best ethnic plugin

Here we go again with a plugin topic.
I’m looking at ethnic instruments because I’m gonna unsubscribe composer cloud soon. What libraries do you guys here recommend?
Things I look for:
Irish whistles
Uilleann pipes

I’ve looked at:
Cinewinds pro
Impact Soundworks ethnic
Celtic era
Ilya Efimov ethnic bundle

Any thoughts appreciated😊

Ethnic can mean different things: arabic, celtic, eastern. I know Strezov Sampling is working on an “asian flavored” library which I think will sound amazing, as I love the tone of their libraries.

Irish whistles, hmm…I think Embertone has a great one called Shire Whistle?

Duduk, I believe Impact Soundworks has one such instrument library.

Yes it was a bit unclear. I mean my top interest is in Irish, celtic. But also various instruments like bouzouki, Nyckelharpa. I like many of these instruments cause I personally think they can create a very deep say mystical feeling that’s not always as easy with traditional orchestral instruments. I just saw the shire whistle before you posted and it looks interesting. Looks like you can do pretty much without keyswitches on that one.

Shire whistle + a fiddle and you pretty much have the Irish vibe right there. Check Red Room Audio for a really nice celtic fiddle! :wink:

I will do right away. Thanks you very much.

Is there any good bagpipe Plug-in?
Maybee a free one?


for me i use a lot :
east west RA
best service forest kingdom II
east west SILK
ventus bansuri
ventus shakuashi

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Haven’t seen any free but ilya efimov is the cheapest I’ve come across. 59€. If they’ll have a sale I recon it be very cheap.

I use ew RA now but gonna unsubscribe and therefore trying to get my plug collection have all the elements I find most important.