Best Complete Ethnic Instrument Library

I think it might be a bit hard to get top-quality with an ethnic library that covers pretty much all world instruments.

I was tempted by the UVI world suite, but it got mixed reviews, so I skipped it then. Perhaps I should give it a second look.

Yea, I don’t think I need top quality in everything since I’m not selling music to people who make music, but to regular consumers, If it doesn’t make me cringe, and a random person from the street hears a track and doesn’t immediately say “that instrument sounds fake”, It should be fine. Top quality in the lead instruments is important though.

I’ve already decided to buy one of the libraries, after reading reviews, most likely Ethno World 6, just waiting if there will be any valentine’s discount.

People in VI Control and KVR forums thought that Ethno World and UVI World Suite complement each other since even though they have some overlapping instruments, the programming approach is different. Most people thought Garritan was a waste of money, and the vote on RA was split 50/50 between buy / don’t buy, uvi/best service is better. I just don’t know personally anyone with any of these libraries (except RA I’ve tried through composer cloud) so I would like to hear opinions if anyone here has any of those!

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Ah, yes then I think you will be good. Personally I have been gravitating more towards “specialized (as in focused) libraries and plugins” the last years. But of course, that means I need a LOT more of them lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t really personally tried any ethnic library though, but I am looking forward to what Strezov Sampling is working on next, which seems to be focused on the east and asia. I would love a nice erhu for example! :smiley:

Erhu is just the kind of instrument which I would buy separately. Hard to make and needs true legato to sound good. But lots of plucked instruments sound just fine without fancy programming :slight_smile:

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I’m curious now, could you give some examples of specific instruments? :slight_smile:

Instruments that are easy or hard to model?

What specific ethnic instruments you are after in this “all in one” package?

I’m after Instruments you hear and can immediately place to a specific region, cliches kind of, caribbean->steel drums, ireland->tin whistle, france->accordion, russia->balalaika and so on. I have lots of libraries but if I wanted to use mostly authentic instruments for each region, I couldn’t produce much without using other sounds as fillers

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Ah, yeah I can see why you would want a package then. I am personally avoiding EW since they are subscription. Eduardo’s libraries, even if I don’t own any, sound so damn amazing. But yes, as you mentioned, you would need a lot of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I would look more into the UVI world suite if I were you. I mean, they cover the whole world, and from the demos it does sound pretty good. Even though those audio only demos always seem to do haha.

I’ve pondered between UVI World Suite and Best Service Ethno World 6, what I’ve read from other forums is that they actually have even some of the same samples on some instruments, but the programming has taken it to opposite directions so the instrument might sound different. Ethno World 6 has gotten a bit more votes usually on the forums.

UVI World Suite $299

pros: more instruments, instruments categorized with continents instead of instrument types (might be a con for some)

cons: some instruments old and outdated, some different instruments combined to one with keyswitches, works only in UVI Workstation, does not support different scales unless you buy UVI Falcon also

Ethno World 6 (259e+259e or 449e together)

pros: some better instruments, kontakt library, can be bought as instruments and voices separately,

cons: some instruments old and outdated, more expensive if buying both instruments and voices (though, best service has buy 1 get 1 free discounts sometimes)

I’ll probably buy one soon and if I ever see the other with a heavy discount, buy it too.

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There’s an Epic Bundle by Eduardo Tarilonte 56% off at Audio Plugin Deals, containing Epic World and Desert Winds, does anyone know how many actual playable Instruments there are in these? Seems to be mostly soundscapes and phrases but someone said there are playable Instruments also but didn’t specify how many.

Also Eduardo Tarilontes vocal libraries are ’buy one get one free’ at Best Service if someone’s interested

Epic Bundle 56% Off

Vocal libraries 2 for 1

for me the best of ethnic instrument library is best service ethno world 6 and you can add ethno world 6 voice

there is also east west RA

east west SILK

best service offer also a great library era ancient era persia that sound very great

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+1 for ethno world, for me it’s more complete (you have instruments and voices) ^^


I bought Ethno World 6 Instruments a few days ago and it feels great so far! There are some instruments that don’t have many velocity layers or are a bit limited in some other ways, but the recording quality is from usable to excellent in everything I’ve tried so far. And most of the instruments are just fine, the amount of completely unusable things is quite low.

I actually also found a second hand copy of UVI World Suite from KVR market and got it for $130 so I bought that too, I havent yet completed downloading it though, but Ethno World 6 Instruments gave me lots of ideas also and now I can just pick pretty much any world instrument I happen to need at any specific time and start composing instead of trying to find a vst from the internet or compose by piano sounds.


Hello Joonas,

I am currently working on an ancient Roman era score and I am using EW Silk, EW RA, Native World full discovery selections collection and Eduardo Tarilonte Ancient ERA Persia.

I can indeed confirm that the plugins from Eduardo Tariolonte are really great. I would like to purchase another one soon.

If you want a lot of instruments in one go I can recommend EW RA. I have no experience with Ethno World, but I am considering buying it, since it is such a large library.

Hi Theu,

I tested RA when I had ew composer cloud subscription active, but I never much cared for it, somehow it always felt ’too heavy’ for what kind of stuff I got out of it

I’ve been using ethno world 6 instruments and UVI world suite for a week now, every day and I’ve been quite excited about them for having so many instruments. Ethno world seems to be a bit better in quality, but world suite still has lots of very usable stuff and I use them pretty much 50/50. Also one library often has stuff that is missing from the other so they work well together. Just by digging around and testing the different instruments gets me really inspired, not having to dig free instruments from the internet, just having them instantly available lets me write more music, and music I thought I’d never write.

Last night I found a banjo from world suite, played around with it a bit, found a better banjo and a western fiddle from ethno world, made a couple patterns of music, and it sounded quite good so I went and bought Indiginus steel guitar vst and just a few hours ago I finished my first bluegrass track :laughing:

Several instruments sound a bit old, but even those are quite usable in the background with other stuff, lots of instruments stand on their own feet nicely even as leads and there are a few instruments that sound really good with legatos etc. I should have bought these ages ago.

Hey Joonas,

Can I conclude from your answer that you think Ethno World 6 Instruments is considerably better than EW RA? They are about the same size; ±14 GB. I am fine with EW RA, but perhaps Ethno World is a good addition to that.

I understand that UVI WS and Ethno World complete each other well, but if you now had to recommend one library in addition to Composer Cloud, which of these two would you recommend to me?

Finally, can you tell me if these plugins contain high quality phrases? I think that is done so well in the Eduardo Tarilonte plugins.


Well, better, but I wouldn’t say considerably, there are some instruments that are better, some are worse, but the whole interface seems somewhat lighter and more approachable and there are way more instruments. Even with the normal price it’s quite cheap per instrument. I think you can achieve at least the same and also some better results with Ethno World 6 than with RA, but it’s not as good as Tarilonte’s libraries.

It kind of depends a bit what you are using it for, but I feel Ethno World 6 is a bit better in quality, but has fewer instruments. I’d buy Ethno World 6 Instruments if I had to choose between the two. UVI World Suite also has vocals included, and Ethno World 6 Voices costs another 260 euros.

Because making the suite was started so long ago, the instruments inside the pack are quite different from each other, some are 15 years old, have only a couple of velocity options, no legatos, some are two years old and can pretty much compete with some quite decent single instrument libraries. There are phrases, loops, licks, legato, several round robin velocity layers and so on some instruments.
I can’t tell you which have which, but the quick start manual ( ) has an instrument list, which tells you in which version of Ethno World (1-6) every instrument was added, and it might give you clues.

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Thanks for your reply! Very clear description. I think it will be Ethno World for now…