"Best" budged desktop PC for composing

Hi all this is my first post, sorry if its posted incorrectly

So i’v been searching the internet for BEST PC to build, mostly what CPU to get.

Intel/AMD… Personally im not a “computer” guy that knows whats best for DAW and composing music.

With my old PC I have trouble loading more libraries in Kontakt and if i stuck many, it will “klick/pop” awfully sounds. With little research i found out that this problem is CPU problem.

Any thoughts on what should i buy? (i know i 9 9900k its best, but i dont have that much of a budget to spend)
Need help with whats “best” and in budget (around 300$)

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Hi and congrats on your first post.

I may not know what is the best PC to build (since mine is also a few years old) but from my experience (and my friends) it may be better to build a PC with gaming specs. However you don’t have to have the latest and greatest gaming specs though.

Also you said your clik/pop was a CPU problem. It is cool that you solved it but you may also want to invest in SSD drives to house your samples in. The data transfer will make your composing/editing/mixing life a whole lot easier - without the pops.

your pc is depending on the size of your project, but look for an simple orchestral template
what you need for this all instrument of the orchestra ( string, woodwind, brass, percuss, keyboard, harp, choir)
now the 3 main points for your PC are :

  • the processor if you are an intel take a core i7, of for amd a ryzen 5
  • the memory depend on the capability of the mother board but nowadays all mother board accept 32Gb or 64 Gb of DDr4 Memory RAM
  • the hard disk, for the hard disk i think that the best way is to separate software/daw/system and the library on a SSD you install your system, your DAW, your plugin that’s all and then on another SSD disk your install all your needed library, for the system the SSD of 500Gb is enough, and for the library you can have 2 or more 1 Tb SSD
    another point is to have a graphic card, why ? because the CPU of your computer has a lot of task to do and managing several screen take processor load, memory but with a graphic card it is the task of the GPU not of your CPU

hope that this little information give you some idea

well … in my computer travels I did a budget build by buying a refurbished HP 8200 Elite CMT … it was 140.00 Canadian … came with a 3.4 Gig I7 , 500 gigs of storage and 4 gig of ram … I purchased 3 Samsung 860 SSDs and added 32 gig of ram … didn’t do it all at once … I bought 1 ssd initially and set it up for the operating system and applications … the original drive got pushed over for samples and libraries. as my budget grew a bit, I bought a second ssd … installed it and moved my libraries to the ssd … the older drive was now pushed up into a projects drive. I upgraded the ram to 16 gig off the mark and eventually upgraded it to 32 gig …seems to cruise through everything I can throw at it

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