Best Books for Music Composers?

Hello Composers, Mike here! :slight_smile:
Let’s make a list of great books for aspiring composers.

I have read several books on music theory, harmony, composition etc. over the years. But I think it would be nice to create a guide/list of recommended books for composers.

So, please share your favorite books to learn any aspect of music composition, both theory and practical application!

Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Founder of

Here are my favorite books:

Film Scoring

  • The Emerging Film Composer - Richard Bellis
  • Music Composition for Film and Television - Lalo Schifrin
  • Scoring the Screen - Andy Hill
  • On the Track - Fred Karlin and Rayburn Wright
  • Guerrilla Film Scoring - Jeremy Borum

Video Games Music

  • A Composer’s Guide to Game Music - Winifred Phillips
  • Writing Interactive Music for Video Games - Michael Sweet

All the books are available on Amazon :slight_smile: