Best Bass VST Plugins (Top List)

Best Bass VST Plugins?

Are you looking for deep, warm and powerful Bass VST plugins? Not orchestral basses, but electric, acoustic and synth bass plugins for creating bass lines in your music compositions. While “Best” is of course always subjective, here is a complete top list (based on input from fellow composers):

Best Bass VST Plugins

Things You should Consider

  • The Type of Bass (Electric, Acoustic, Synth, Hybrid)
  • The Sound Quality (The Raw Sound, The Filters, Effects etc.)
  • The Preset System (A good structure & quality of presets)
  • The User Interface (Nice Design, Clear View Modes, Scalable etc.)
  • The Performance (CPU and RAM usage)
  • The Ease of Use (Layout, Features, Workflow Speed)
  • The Inspiration Factor (Very subjective, but so important)

Your Input is Wanted!

Do you have experience on any of these products? Do you have suggestions on products you think could make this top list?

Share your thoughts, perspective, and join the discussion in the thread below! :slight_smile:

Mikael Baggström
Founder of Professional Composers

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I would definitely put Scarbee basses in here. They are old but gold. Sometimes I feel like the bottom end could be more powerful, so what I do, I just copy the bass and let the notes played by a more or less clean synth. If you dial in the right amount, you get a fantastic bottom end with power and control as well. What I really like are the different genres to pic. What happens, the amps are changing, so the color too. You have the option to change the playing style (basically, how the bass was played/recorded – super powerful if you need just another color). CPU-wise no problems at all, as well as 250MB RAM max.

What I like the most, that you can really make good and solid bass performances, as you have different types of articulations etc. even slides from note to note. I learned a lot from reading the manual and checking out, what’s actually possible. If you study and take your time, you can make a fantastic bass track!

PS: It’s a general thing…in my opinion if you just take a little bit more time, to check out your instruments, you can make your track sounding A LOT better than you thought you did already. That are the small details which make you stand out, not the best high end libraries!

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Ah I do that too, always have a sub bass layer below the “real bass”, even if that real bass is orchestral basses. :slight_smile:

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I really like bx subsynth - not only does it add sub but also you can dial in sub harmonics - you can add it to side or stereo and also make low frequencies mono. Add punch or colour to low frequencies as well. This is really useful for translation of your mix so it sound good on small speakers etc.

If you want different tonal sound you can always add another low synth as well - if you bus all your basses through bx subsynth it works really well.

It’s available from plugin alliance- wait for it on sale - I managed to pick it up for $15 it’s a bit expensive normally

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BX subsynth, never heard of that one, I could of course search on Google, but would you mind adding a link to it in your post to help other members find out about it too? :slight_smile:

Hey! MODO Bass is €105 (including 19% VAT) over at Best Service until after November 1: