"Below Earth" New Album

Hello everyone,

I’ve just released a new album of music. Six tracks which were inspired by, and written to compliment the, Below Earth series of pixel artworks by artist Tom Bacon. tombaconartist.com

All the tracks are a bit hybrid orchestral, with a lot of ambient soundscapes, which is my attempt to musically describe the art. This was especially difficult for me since I have little past experience writing ambient type music and it felt weird to write anything without any real themes or motifs, but still trying to coalesce the music without it just meandering from section to section. The artworks gave me so many musical impressions, with electronic, orchestral, ethnic and ambient sounds and textures to create something that was all at once dark, mysterious and a bit ‘alien’

Musically, I chose the ky of C minor as the main key, but really focused around using the Abm from C harmonic minor as a pivot point to which I modulate or use related keys for each pice. So, each piece is either in Cm, Abm, Gm, or Fm , but also used the parallel major chords of each. Most of the pieces stick to 4/4 time, with some 3/4 or 2/4 here and there.

For instruments, most of the orchestral stuff is from Orchestral Tools’ Berlin Series or Metropolis Ark, with some of the percussion coming from Spitfire Cinematic Percussion and Resonance. Most of the synth sounds and textures are from Heavyocity’s Mosaic series and Impact Soundworks’ Juggernaut as well as a couple of loops from Spitfire’s Albion Iceni. All mixing and mastering is done with iZotope Ozone and I used the Waves API 550A EQ plugin to add some analog saturation.

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Matt- listened to your album this afternoon. I really like what you’ve done!
A cool blend of ambient with orchestral with synth all working together. I think you nailed the dark, mysterious, and a bit alien, and definitely work with the artwork.
I like the sounds you blended, and I think your final mix is outstanding. Great job!


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Thanks for the kind words Steven. This was hard for me since I naturally tend to write more along the lines of Golden Age film music or Classical concert music. I’m glad you like the overall mix, as it really didn’t turn out when I did the final mastering, and had to go back and re-master each track individually.

Thanks for listening! hopefully my next project will turn out even better!


Love your use of large cinematic percussion and thick brass with backing strings.
Very effective and professional sounding.
Great work, thanks for sharing!