"Below Earth - Main Theme" New Music

Hey all,

Here is my newest track. This is the Main Theme written to compliment artist Tom Bacon’s series, Below Earth This is a series of art prints with the storyline of an exploration crew descending into a great fissure in the Earth to find what’s down there, but they never return, and only a data card with some images resurfaces. What they find is the ruins of an ancient subterranean civilization. It has much the same feel as H.P. Lovecraft’s “Cthulhu” Mythos.

This piece acts as a musical description of the different areas of the underground world, and gives a sense of mystery/curiosity them moves to dread and foreboding, as if a sinister presence is lurking in the shadows. Then, a sense of confusion and urgency and chaos at the end.

Musically, we start in 4/4 time in Cm at 96bpm. The middle changes to 3/4 at 136bpm to give that sense of urgency. The outro modulates to Abm via Ebm, back to Tempo I. Everything focuses around the bVI which gives a very ‘alien’ and creepy sound.

All the orchestral instruments used are from Orchestral Tools (Berlin Strings/Metropolis Ark) and just a few synths for texture provided by Heavyocity’s Mosaic Tape/Bass and Audio Imperia’s Dystopian Dreams. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks!

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Dark, brooding wonderful. Had I never read your description I still would have conjured up some kind of expedition/adventure . Much of the piece has a retro feeling of dark foreboding events. Certainly it evokes Lovecraft’s pulp fiction. I really liked your sultry drum rhythms and the wordless choir. Cool ostinatos in your propulsive second part. Very much enjoyed this Matt.
Cheers :grinning:

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Thanks for taking a listen Charles! This will be the first track to an album of music to go with this series, which will have a more hybrid sound, but I felt the main theme should be more of a traditional orchestral sound. Thanks for the comments and I’ll post the rest of the album when done!