Behringer X - Touch Compact & CC Data

Hello guys

I recently purchased the Behringer X - Touch Compact for the sole purpose of controlling CC data with my virtual instruments. After doing some research, I read several discussions in various forums that the X- Touch compact could be used for assigning the faders to control CC data. When I tried to use the “learn” function to use a fader to control volume in Vienna Instruments Pro, none of the faders worked. When I did the same thing in Kontakt 5, I was not able to assign any of the faders to a CC. However, I did notice that in Kontakt 5 the fader #1 would move the pitch bend and that the “learn” function with the knobs on the x - touch.

My X- Touch works fine in “Mackie” mode with Logic Pro X. But, in HUI mode I can not seem to get it to work. My primary interest is having the 100 mm faders to control CC data for things like volume, expression, velocity X-fade, etc. Is this possible with the X-Touch Compact, or am I about to learn a very expensive lesson?



Not sure about the X-touch, but I do own the Mackie MCU Pro, and it does not really do CC editing. It’s for controlling the DAW, levels, panning, send FX etc. With CC editing, you do NOT want automated faders. It does not make sense, and it is not supported in any case for CC automation.

Sadly, there seems to be no real good option for long throw (100m) high quality and programmable faders other than the extremely expensive JL Cooper Fadermaster. :frowning_face:

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The old Behringer BCF2000 has 8 motorized 100 mm faders, and a bunch of buttons and “endless” rotary knobs, obviously intended for mixer control - but everything sends CCs as well, so it works fine with Kontakt and anything else with MIDI CC learn.

Have they removed that feature entirely from the newer controllers, or is it still possible to enable in the settings?


Honestly my favorite way still is my fader bank on my Master MIDI keyboard, programmable with CC’s, and even presets that I can switch between! :smiley:


Yes it is. Before I purchased it I read where people got it to work . Anyway, thanks. I’m starting to look at other options. Currently researching the korg nano kontrol studio.

Well, the motorized part was not a concern to me. I was interested in the long throw faders. My keyboard is the Native instruments S61 and it has no faders. Yes, apparently the new ones are assignable with the editor app which is only available for Windows. Yes, In 2020. Others claim to have it working fine on their Macs but I think that they are not telling the whole story.