BBC Symphony Orchestra VS Spitfire Studio Orchestra - DEATH MATCH Comparison.... not really

Hey everyone! I totally forgot to post this here!

Hope you enjoy it :smiley:


Hi there -

A couple of questions:

Did you edit CC’s/velocity when generating this comparison?

What professional settings do you use these libraries in?

Thanks for putting forth the effort in comparing these two. I feel certain that people trying to decide will find them useful.

(On a vastly more important note: I take issue with that shirt - why would one make the first three syllables open ended and the very first one longer, when they are not phrased that way? Why not “Dum Dum Dum, Dum Da Dum, Dum Da Dum”? I’m not serious. Yes I am. Lol)

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Hey man, thank you so much for your thoughts!

Cc’s are partly automated. For some patches I put all the shorts in one and then Switched, but it only happens like this a few times in the brass and woodwinds. The rest are all on separate tracks as I found that it worked better with these libraries.

In terms of where I’d use them, I use both in tandem:) often layering both libraries for width and detail… I’ll also use solo instruments from either orchestral tools and cinesamples for extra depth.

As for the t-shirt, I liked that because most I walk down the street and can spot people working it out… makes me smile :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the answers. For clarity, I meant in what professional situations had you used these libraries - in other words, on what jobs are you using them and for what kind of client.

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Oh right I see, sorry for the confusion.

I use them in all sorts of jobs. Anything from straight up orchestral to pop and indie productions. Both libraries are very versatile but studio series is by far more versatile in my opinion.

I’m dryer libraries just are I find… however, studio strings in particular is one of those libraries you can mould into any shape you like. Without it fighting you for control. This is very rare in libraries which is why it’s one of my go to libraries for strings. BBCSO is great but it has a specific sound and that’s what makes it less versatile. Plus, I doubt I would use the brass in either libraries… this is the biggest downside to spitfire… they just don’t do very good brass sounds in my opinion. For that I use cinesamples… which I’m very new to but they sound wonderful.