BBC Orchestra & Purge capabilities?

Anybody have any opinions on Spitfire’s new BBC orchestra? I was also wondering if there is a way to purge samples within their sample player?

Yes there’s a thread on that subject :slight_smile: As for the purge samples, i haven’t used their sampler so i cannot say, but i’m sure there’s a good optimization for memory

Here’s the link to the thread: Possibly the biggest orchestral plugin news ever (BBCSO by Spitfire Audio)


I would assume there is as they include a separate purge option even in the kontakt versions

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They’re doing more walk throughs over the next month so hopefully a lot of questions will be answered in a lot more depth. I’d keep an eye on their YouTube channel


I’ve used their sampler in HZ Strings and Eric Whitacre Choir, but not sure BBC Orchestra will relate that much to those two… We are yet to find out more about that library. Can’t hide I’m hyped about it!


Just update about this, they’ve now put all their articulations that will be available and instruments in the website page, for those that want a better idea what it’ll be able to do.

It’s a LOT of stuff!