BBC Core Update for Brass

Just saw an email saying BBC Core is going to get un update this week and it’s going to be focused on the brass. I’m excited about it since, I think, the brass is the weakest part of BBCSO. Here’s what’s on the list for the update:

  • ~1.8GB of new content
  • New Muted Brass techniques
  • Extended Legato Update
  • Various bug fixes

Having mutes will be great. I was surprised that they weren’t in there initially. I’m not sure what the legato update is, though the email mentions abilities for “fast runs and shorts.” Maybe that means that you’ll be able to play something fast with a legato articulation and it doesn’t sound artificial, which is a problem I’ve definitely seen.

Hoping this will come across tonight so I can check out what’s new and different.

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I got the email too, and I already saw the Paul Thomson video


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Just got a message on the Spitfire Audio Clips’ YouTube channel for those who are still waiting…


“The BBC SO Update roll out has taken longer than expected. We anticipate that all Professional users should have the update by Midnight (GMT) today. If you are a Core user and have not received the update by Monday, please feel free to contact us directly so we can investigate. Until then, thank you for your continued patience!”

Kinda gutted as I’m trying to work on something using BBCSO Core and was waiting for the update… But hey, It’s coming!

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Yeah, I’m still waiting on mine to update too.

Got the update installed tonight. My first impression is that I’m not all that impressed. I was really hoping the brass would get a nice improvement. It’s a little improvement, but not quite what I was hoping for.

I haven’t checked out all the instruments yet, but the legatos on the trumpet and trombone might even be worse. The trombone legato seems to have this “air” nose that sounds almost like a recording hiss. And the trombones are still way too mushy.

The muted articulations for the brass don’t really even sound like mutes. The trumpet mutes sound like they could pass for a regular trumpet on a different sample library.

I mean, I still really like BBCSO, and it mostly sounds great and is fairly easy to work with. But the brass were the weak point in the library and I was hoping there’d be an improvement there. But I don’t think there was one.