Barebones 432hz (music contest oct 2019)

Barebones 432hz


Hello Jeremy,
Great to see you join the contest. Please update the title of your post with your actual track title, and also add a track description in the post. :slight_smile:

Mikael Baggström
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Love it. Funny that you have choosen that thumbnail here. My thought around 1:20 was ‘AKIRA’ - the drums and the crackles - the farout mood. Very delicate!


Thanks man , you can also check out my other music on spotify

Have a good one

Really cool soundbed - did u use a lot of found sounds? Think it might be a bit too busy, percussive for ambient but really amazing track - kind of reminds me of Peter Gabriel for some reason

Great melting atmospheric sounds, sweet piano and almost glitchy percussions together. Definitely works!

i like the way you use some weird sound in your composition it bring a comptemporary dimension and a different feeling and listening approach
well done you did a great composition

Interesting composition, and in 432hz to my ears, it sounds just right. Honestly I often meditate on quitting the realm of 440hz…