Avoid this MISTAKE when working with director & filmmakers

Hey guys,

I hope everything is alright and your music productions are moving forward!

Just wanted to drop a quick video about what mistake to avoid when working with directors, especially when you are not experienced. The tip is actually “obvious”, but I believe I am and was not the only one who has experienced an outcome as I had!

To your success,
Alexey :wink:


I’ll watch this later my friend. Excited to see what mistake this is! Great to see you still making videos too!

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Thanks :pray: @Geoffers! Yeah, some projects to work on right now, so it’s always a time issue, but there will be some changes in the future.

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Great stuff I’ll comment again when I’ve got around to watching! :smiley: I know the feeling of having time restraints, especially if you work in the day like I do. I’m really trying to stick to one a week atm.

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Hey man,
so happy to see another post from you!
I am very sorry, what happened to you but I am very confident, that it will not ruin you, as you made enough perfect stuff already. Mistakes happens to everyone.
Thank you so much for sharing, and as always it is very important not only in the music business.

Take care my friend,


Hey @Seven_Tears Michael!

Thank you for your amazing support! More stuff is on the way. If you are a creative person, it means that sometimes you need to re-think, or reflect, or just STOP for a moment and look if you are doing the right things at the right time.

As I have said in the video, there will be a slight re-adjustment, so I hope that will work out in the long run. :slight_smile:

I hope you all are doing fine! :muscle:


Finally watched!

Great video. Always enjoy the production quality of your videos, and the content was good too. I’ve had this same issue a few times, especially with junior film makers.

Once a year I offer my services to my old university film society so I’m always advising they keep me as much in the loop as they can and to show me the final piece BEFORE it goes live. It’s hit and miss weather they listen and this sometimes happens because they haven’t payed enough attention. But I’m very happy to help them gain that knowledge. It’s not the end of the world for the composer, but I totally see where you are coming from as it does damage your self esteem and ego at first.

There’s good news though, for me this has NEVER affected how much work I get… it’s a student film usually so people show a bit of grace.

Btw, your English is really improving in your videos and I love that you are stopping to think of the word and you aren’t cutting that out.

On another note, I really need to create intro music to go with my introduction. Really enjoy your minimalist approach to it. I’m slowly adding to the things that I do in my videos as. Learn to juggle all of the production areas. For me I know if I tried everything at once I’d forget 90% of what I had to do and just upload it :crazy_face: slight exaggeration but not much :wink:


I do what I can, thank you! :slight_smile:

I try to pay attention to light :bulb: and good mic / placement, so at least the sound is more or less pleasant. I hear that some people don’t pay too much attention to Sound in their videos, but good video quality, so I try to pay more detail how I do sound. I think that the better the sound overall the more pleasant it is to watch / listen to.

I’ll make another video only about that. It’s still an important topic.

Thank you again for your support! :slight_smile:


Yes I do too. The sound is often my priority, though I had audio from a zoom recording which was poor ish on the other side and there was nothing I could do, but that’s to be expected :slight_smile:

I’m learning as I go in terms of visuals :slight_smile:

What I was told by many filmmakers that they think that sound / music is at least 50% of the final result in terms of quality. So even if the video looks amazing but the sound is really poor, or the music not fitting or just doesn’t sound good, the video will be poor overall.

I mean for me it was clear from the beginning, but when filmmakers say anything like that it’s a serious point to think about for all other filmmakers.

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Yes I have this too. Sometimes it’s unavoidable though I’m terms of interviews… and it as the poor audio… it was bassey audio from a phone microphone on their side. It just made it more noticeable because my audio was good and balanced. I warranted that though on this occasion as it still sounded ok.

I should just add though that because my channel is a growing channel in its early days, now is the time to make those mistakes :smiley:

So I’m happy to experiment, and see what works because ultimately, at the end I will have found a style that works well for me in appearance, workflow and sound quality!

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