Are all musicians dicks?

Hi guys.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’m still learning and learning and learning and making mistakes and learning but I feel like I’m starting to produce nice music that’s at the lower end of professionally acceptable.

My problem is musicians and specifically vocalists. I’m beginning to think it’s me. At best they’re unreliable, unrehearsed and have a poor work ethic.

I’m wondering if any of you guys have a strategy for finding and recording musicians?

Regards Bruce :slight_smile:

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Hi Bruce,

I’m sure there are many ways to go on this, and yes, finding vocalists can be a challenge. In my case I whent to the Conservatory and posted on the billboard for the opera students. My experience has been extraordinary. Extremely professional, they seldom miss a pitch and the voices are tremendous to say the least. I was surprised to find that many of them loved to sing Heavy Metal. Since they always come prepared I get the recording I need in 1-2 takes.