"Apple and not" additional sounds and loops

hi guys, I would like to know if you use, for Logic pro users, the apple sounds and loops that you can download for free with Logic.

If yes, how do you use it? for the mock up? to get an idea? Do you suggest to download all the sounds/loops?

Not really, as I have so many plugins, libraries and samples already. If you just want a quick shaker loop or something easy like that, then it can work fine. :slight_smile:

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I have downloaded all of them. Rarely using them tho…

I’d say it good if you have them all, because you never know what may come handy. Especially if you have moved the sound library to an external drive, go for it.

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Ok this is a nice tips :wink: I’ll go to download and save in any case so I can use if I need to use