Another song rejected by Audiojungle! Please help me!

please listen to my music and tell me what’s wrong !!

my song:
Soft Acoustic


Hello Edvaldo, I moved your post to the correct section ‘Your Music’. But please also write a proper description of your track, since I want to avoid ‘empty posts’ with just people posting their music to get feedback.


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can you give more detail about your export, bit resolution, sample frequency, did you use some plugin like compressor, EQ, limiter, can you also provide and spectrum analysis of your track perhaps we can see where is also the problem in term of harmonic and audio
but the question i could ask is what is the general commercial quality standard ?
sound great to me, perhaps not enough basses and a little too repetitive , i am not a pro, it is just my little point of view


Here’s some in depth feedback of general things I could hear straight off the bat, so you can address them first.

  1. Acoustic guitarS is over compressed and has a lot of noise on the recording.

  2. The mix is VERY Mid heavy.

  3. On the mix side of things I’d say the mix isn’t particularly great, though I’ve herd a lot worse. The low end isn’t really there and the highs are slightly exaggerated.

  4. Overall the mix is all quite forward, there’s not much dimension other than a fairly flat sounding reverb.

  5. The first note is half cut off in the acoustic guitar. Sometimes o find SoundCloud does this though so I leave 10ms at the start just incase.

  6. Mix isn’t panned very well. Most instruments other than some shakers sound like they’re right down the middle.

  7. The overall mix sounds over compressed, so I think you may have over compressed it on the way out. Aim for between -13/-8 ish when mastering the track.

  8. Piano sounds very muddy, so the clarity is being lost.

  9. The timing of the whole track is ok but it’s not right to the beat, this is the number one thing that libraries pick up on first. So they’ve probably herd that first and rejected on that premise .

It also sounds like it’s a low quality bounce… like an MP3 or something… I can also tell that your working in 44.1… where you need to be working at 48.

To rectify these issues you need to be using reference tracks to hear how your tracks differ from others.

Some good points above from Geoffrey, on a non technical side I’d also add that they might simply reject tracks because of over saturation in a particular style. Laid back acoustic will be a category with thousands of competing tracks, so anything below average isn’t really helping the library.

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Spot on William, and thank you for the kind words.

I also didn’t point out one particular and big issue. Your track isn’t in the right arrangement. You should have 4 distinct parts. A rising section (intro), a building section, a climax section and finally an outro. It’s advised that you have breaks between these for editors convenience too.


That was my first thought too.
I really like the guitar feeling, but i waitet all the track for some kind of climax.
Maybe its to “boring” for AJ? idk…

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I agree, I waited for something to happen and it didn’t.

I don´t have any experience recording audio, only midi, but I agree with what´s said above when it comes to the composition and the sound. Make some adjustments with the advises in mind and I´m sure you´ll be good to go. :grinning:

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Dear Edvaldo,

I have listened to it and found the following:

  1. Check the harmonics, for some reason the starting guitar sounds out of tune and when the rest of the instruments come in you feel it more.

  2. I think that all the sounds are in the center, I would try to make a new mix and spread the sound.

  3. The guitar sound has a metallic sound, I would try to soften it a bit.

The tune should work fine for stock music, I think the main reason you got rejected is the mixing not the tune itself.

I hope this helps,


Agree, from strictly a consumer perspective it is a great, catchy song. My only thought was the equalization, perhaps you could bring the bass tones up a bit. IMO, if they don’t accept it is their loss! Well, your loss too but that’s beside my point :grinning:

The first thing I noticed was that the guitar is out of tune when compared to the piano

it’s actually a nice song, nothing is wrong with it in my opinion the only thing missing for me is an actual emotion, it doesn’t make me “feel” anything either way. Try to write songs that express a feeling.

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