An orchestrated jazz tune

Hi folks,

first upload here for what originally was a mere jazz pattern I had once recorded using Yamaha’s CP80 EP and PSR6700 workstation, complete with piano and bass choruses as a credible sounding trio.

It then became one of my first orchestrations in the form of this extended version for which I preferred to add cello pizzicato than to score on a notation software a drum line I couldn’t ‘play’ on a sequencer. Percussions come later shifting to African rhythms for extensions in a style closer to 70’s TV soundtracks with a ‘romantic’ orchestral edge inserted twice in the song, once whispering and then louder with additional voices. It was all composed on the piano though then orchestrated and scored note by note so no preset or automatic feature, and no mastering since the audio sample comes raw from the notation software.

The ending figure was no tribute to Chopin’s etude as I hadn’t realized my ‘plagiarism’ on the moment, just found it’d sound fun to end it that simple way. Score’s been at a publisher’s for review since a while along with other ones, but I’ve let this tune leak out on so many occasions that it could be a ‘popular’ success or failure already… Sadly the ones I let hear it so far were all ‘people of few comments’… : )