An epic music made after taking Mike's course

After the end of the course,
To compose and produce your own epic music composition from scratch to finish production.

Made with bandlab for android

Genre/Style- Epic Music, Rhytm+Melody

Creative Vision for the Track- The song is called Hope. Finding hope and rising from the ashes kind of vibe.

Composition Details- Tempo-120, Key, Main Chords

Instruments used

Double Bass Section-Classic chamber effect
Electric Piano-Stereo Ambience
Tuba-Ambient wind
2x String orchestra-Cinematic Ambience


Nice ! Very intimate and instrospective, profound, it made me feel relaxed :smiley:
I like it, did you make it with an android app or that is the name of the upload platform where you put the song?

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it is an app as well as an platform.