Ambient Music challenge Oct. 2019 - The Curse

I added a picture to my track. It is to see on Soundcloud. There is pictured a Clock and a skull. I guess they are very simple indications for a very common issue. It is our time we have to be alive. My track is not a dreamy or a relaxing one. It is dark ambient sound. I did not write it because I am a pessimist but there is this dark force of time: unavoidable and frightening. And of course I can not escape. I hope I could put this idea to the music I posted here and nevertheless I wish you would enjoy it.
a second and improved version: THE CURSE (edited)

Really cool vibe in your track Klaus, I love ambient dark and ominous music. As with any style of music, ambient and atmospheric can come in many different flavors. :slight_smile:

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Love the dark ambient feel of this track - like that you have a theme and story. What did you use to create it?

Thanks for your comment. By creating “The Curse” I used different Libraries or VST plugins.
I played Signal by Output, Blendinstrument by 8Dio, Diva by U-HE and Gravity Heavyocity.
I put a Voice and E-Guitar into the sound.

Klaus Ferretti

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hello Klaus
i like your track it is more dark almbiant
i lke the way you process the voice, the"guitar" lead at the end is a good choice
the break at 2’49 is strange
At 1’15 in my opinion, the level is a little too loud and bring some clipping
good composition for a dark ambiant scene

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