Alicia relaxing

This is my song for the contest.

I tried to capture that feeling when your were young, having summer from school and the days seemed endless. When you drifted and didn´t have any specific things to do but just relax.

8dio Jenifer vocal
Alicia keys grand
Csss cello
Gypsy guitar EW
Rickenbacker bass
Halion SE
Komplete 11 Rise&hit


Very nice song. Like the vocals and feeling of it in general. Like the cello too. It is such a great instrument. I use it very often myself too.

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Thank you Jonathan. I agree with the cello. I’m absolutely crazy in experimenting with string instruments.

Hey man, loved your piece. The piano is lovely. I use alicias keys a lot!!

Think you captured that youthful feeling really well. Something You may consider doing next time which could add even more expression to your piece I gradually, but subtly slowing down slightly for a few bars at the end of your phrases and than go right back to your original tempo. This accents them and makes more out of your slower swells. :smiley:

Well done man!!

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Thank you very much. I absolutely agree about tempo changing to add extra dimension. I actually started a thread earlier to hear how people work with them.

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Oh fab I’ll go look for it and post a response. :ok_hand:

Really nice piece of music. Love the birds and nylon guitar. I enjoyed it much.

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Thank you David. I really love nylon guitar with some reverb as a solo instrument.

I liked the use of reverb.

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I like it a lot, everything goes well togheter. Very relaxing track in my opinion.

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Really niiiiiiiiice.
For me, the effects (sea, birds…) and maybe the little percussion are not necessary. They disturb more than add.

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Thank you very much. Great feedback. Yes I know. I was playing around trying to learn automation with panning on effects.

This was one of my favourites. Great job :clap:

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