Albion colossus replacement Jager?

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to broaden my sound scape for media composition a bit in the direction of hyped modern sounding orchestral sounds. First I thought to go in the direction of JAGER, but since Albion colossus is out, I was wondering if that could be an alternative to Jager.
My orchestral palet is already very Spitfire heavy so perhaps it would fit better with the rest.
Does someone had the opportunity to test both? and could Albion colossus replace Jager?

looking forward to your opinion and input!


Hey Kent,

While I don’t own Colossus, I do own both the original Albion and Jaeger and I’d have to say it really depends what you like in terms of sound and style.

Albion 1 has more features/instruments than Jaeger, but it’s more wet and bigger on the reverb. Jaeger you can maybe sculpt it a bit more. Albion also has woodwinds which Jaeger does not. I think, while both libraries cater to more “epic” or trailer music, Albion gives you a bit more dynamic possibilities. Both are good libraries, I’ve used both, but I’d lean a bit more toward Albion. As far as Audio Imperia, I prefer Nucleus and Areia to Jaeger.

As I said, I don’t own Colossus, but I’ve looked over the instruments a few times and looks liked they’ve done some odd sampling, like 6 trombones or 12 flutes or whatever. I don’t understand the point of that. I guess it’s for a big bombastic, over the top sound and not something “natural” With the intro price point though, it may be a better investment than Jaeger.

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for your reply it really helped! since I have a decent normal cinematic orchestral sound palet but no in the epic/trailer category, so I decided to bite the bullet. Let’s see if it is worth the investment!

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