Aeon - Heavyocity

I own a bundle of melodic and rhythmic Aeon from Heavyocity. As always it sounds great. You can be as creative as you like to find things for your own composition, but what do you think about AEON from Heavyocity. Feel free to share your comments and opinions on it. Thanks

Klaus Ferretti

Hi @Kylian,

I am thinking about to get a copy (for sale now), as it’s a great library for a specific mood and style. Heavyocity make superb products overall. On the other hand, for the same price you have Keep Forest Trailer Libraries which are maybe even more impressive (sound-wise). I have the Vikings libraries and it was the first time where I just opened my mouth. I was amazed by the quality of the samples. The same I had when I heard Gravity as well.

I saw a couple of in-depth tutorials about AEON and the sound manipulations are infiniteness.

Kind regards,
Alexey :slight_smile: