Advice on using Vienna ensemble pro

Hey peeps, so I’ve been really trying. To work out what my computer upgrade should look like. My budget will be around £4000 and I want my main DAW to still be Logic, but I obviously don’t want to blow all that money on something that might not last 5 years (as tech is moving viciously fast right now).

It will be after April by the time I upgrade so I’ve formulated a plan to try and facilitate this upgrade as best as I can, to ensure I get the most out of this.

What I would love is some inside knowledge in wether this will work and maybe tips on things to be aware of.

My plan is this.

Phase 1:
Purchase base model iMac 27” i9. Lowest Ram which is 16gb I think.upgrade the RAM to 64gb afterwards to keep the cost down. I’m hoping this will cost me around £2000… though to make this work I may have to get an i7 which wouldn’t be the end of the world. (In this scenario).

Phase 2:
Build a slave computer that is bare bones. Equip it with 128gb of Ram, and an i9 MSI MAG Z490 TOMAHAWK Motherboard ATX with only LAN (2.5G) and USB3 and thunderbolt connectors. I’ll add 3 1tb SSDs. (Budget around £1000

Phase 3:
I’ll connect these 2 computers via a LAN to slave them via a lab splitter and Vienna Ensemble Pro. Software will have a cost too.

I’m hoping this will give me plenty of scope to use larger templates and this will help me take the main load off my main computer, while also giving me the bigger on hand tools straight away.

Have I missed anything here? I’m really intregued at doing it this way and what people who might already be doing this are feeling… as I know some are moving away from those it off seems it might be the way I could go down to help my workflow.

Having said this, if Apple bring out a new silicon iMac by then, my plans could change??? Who knows?? I’ve even heard rumours of a smaller form factor Mac Pro. :open_mouth:


Again, Anne-Katherin is just talking about this right now in a 3 part video series. Check this out:

I just found her channel last week and her content is really useful!

I have VE PRO but never installed it…
I know, shame on me.
It seems so complicated… I must kick myself in the but to try to make it work. I only have one computer but hope it will work fine.

Not a pro at all, not even using templates. So this is a huge step for me. I procrastinate about this since I found batch resave in Kontakt.

Main reason I got it is just to save time loading samples.

So yeah, hope the videos will help you out. She uses 2 computer setup like you want.

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Thank you man I will check this out! Just seems like a great option for keeping costs down for a Mac user. :slight_smile:

Really interested to hear what people say regarding this set up I’ve listed. Looks like she’s using dual windows.