Advice needed on this string passage

I wrote this passage for V1 (pink), V2 (purple) and Va (blue)

When I view them together, some of the notes played by the V2 venture into the octave where I have the V1

The ascending/descending feel is what I am going for with this passage but, as I am not classically trained, I am wondering if I need to put out all the overlapping V2 notes into the V1 section and then take the V1 notes playing at that time and lower them an octave and have them played by V2

Or, am I overthinking it and worrying too much about the overlap?

Thank you and be well

I don’t see a problem with what you have. However, the most important question is- what does it sound like?

Does it sound like you want? As many musicians say- If it sounds right, it is right.

Hope that helps.



I thought perhaps I was crossing voices

All looks great to me Douglas :blush:

It shouldn’t be a problem that the V2 go into the range of the V1 as they are both playing the same instruments with the same range. Also, at this point the V1 is up above still so there would still be a separation between them. The V2 is still very much playing a supportive role to V1 here so all is well.

It’s not actually uncommon to have V1 and V2 playing in unison :blush: I think the only concern is to make sure that they are playing within their range, which it looks to me like all the sections are doing so in this example.

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Thank you - I guess I was misunderstanding about crossover - thank you for taking the time to reply and hope you are having a great 2022