Advice for budgeting music for tv series

Hi everyone!
I have been in the music business for a while as a player and orchestral and opera conductor, but I have moved in the last years more and more into media composition.
upuntil now I have composed orchestral based media music for short films and Indie games. But now I have been offered a serie of 8episodes of 45-60 min. since I feel ready to do it, but I have no idea how to budget such a big task and predict how much time it will take.
can someone help me out with this?

Kent Moussault

Ask the producers what the music budget is. Only you know how fast you can write. How complicated is the music - that could be determined by the budget they give you.

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thanks Andrew.
what do you think is a realistic budget if you like to record a few live players paying them fairly?
would a 50k budget for a 9 month project be sufficient?
Again, I know fees as a player and conductor, but not in terms of recording etc.
and what are costs I might not think about as a relative novice?

I would do one of the episodes. Calculate that time. Then multiply by eight to get an approximate amount of time for all episodes together. You will know when you immerse yourself into the first one.

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