Addams Family in the style of Oingo Boingo

This was just a fun Halloween project I did this week. I thought of it on Monday and I really wanted to try it and I really didn’t want to wait until next Halloween. Imagine if Danny Elfman’s old band, Oingo Boingo had done the theme song to The Addams Family. It’s kind of a mashup with Dead Man’s Party, though I tried to write it in the style of Dead Man’s Party without directly lifting anything.

80’s New Wave Rock meets 60’s TV theme

Creative Vision for the Track:
In the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to pay tribute to Elfman and I though this was a fitting way.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
It’s in D minor. Tempo is 162. It’s mostly just Dm and C. The chorus goes to F for a bit.

Main Instruments used:
Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Drums, and a Sax/Horn section.
The drums are a mix of an Indie Kit, Jazz Kit, and some Techno Kits from Logic. Also have some Latin and African drums in there. There’s an 808 kit high tom in there. And I recorded myself hitting a drinking glass and a soda can with a pencil.