Action Entry - "The Time is Here"

The End is Here

Here is my entry for the competition.

Track Description
The track starts and ends with a repeating arpeggio played on synth and solo violin. The time signature is 9/8 with a rhythm loosely based on three triplets per bar. Sound effects are added to increase tension. The tempo starts at 110bpm raising to 125bpm to also increase tension.

My Creative Vision
To create a composition with a pulsing dramatic action.

Composition Overview
The entire track is in the key of Am.

Main Sounds
I subscribe to EW composer cloud so the strings are from EW symphonic orchestra.

The synth is free from KVR - Synth1 virtual analog…
Reverb - ValhallaShimmer

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Good ambient!!


Please listen to mine (Impossible Scape) I would like to hear what you think.


I like the ambiance!

Construcive notes:
1- The riser is too loud compared to the rest of the sounds and after it… I was waiting for a step up in intensity but it stayed about the same.
Suggestion: Maybe up the tempo at that moment and add horns or something else that push it up?

2- Same for the screetching strings toward the end, they are a lot louder than the rest so a bit of mixing could benefit here too. Maybe just raise the ambiant sounds throughout the song so it balance better together?

3- I think you could add more percussion, like in between each bigger hits, there could be some toms or other drums playing at different velocities to add rythm and tension.

I noticed this by listening to Hans Zimmer action songs. There is mostly always some percussion going on even on less intense passages. He uses lots of variety percussion too so the sound of it is always moving or changing.

I will try to make my songs more varied too, percussion wise, now that I noticed this by studying his style, which I love of course.

A classic example of this would be the Batman theme:



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Thank you for the constructive comments. Much appreciated.

I have reviewed my entry in light of your comments and agree that the sound effects are too loud. I notice they are clipping and therefore distorted.

I do not have a lot of percussion libraries and will purchase some shortly. I also need to improve my learning of percussion techniques and will adress this also.

Thanks again for taking the time to review my work.




  • I like the idea of non-common time signature to create the tone. I thought about doing that as well for my entry but it kept sounding like Mission Impossilbe! lol
  • Love the eery screaming high sounds towards the end.

Some thoughts for possibly improving:

  • The dry kick drum sound throughout gets a bit distracting. A low-end drum that rings out, taiko or timpani, etc might have worked better. If going throughout, you might lower its level once established.
  • More development harmonically or maybe a more dramatic of an increase in tempo could make for more excitement.

Good work,

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Cool man it is a pleasure to help. You could just go with Spitfire Audio’s Originals Percussion at $29 and it would work fine I think.

Check for free libraries also. Just found this one for you:
No need to enter your real phone number at checkout. Just write any numbers.

Also this next one is truly amazing with some great sample quality for free and covers all aspect of an orchestra. Pandora burst are my prefered sounds (BRAAMS)!

I realized, that percussion moves my (especially Epic) tracks to another level. Haven’t thought that this has such an massive effect, so its worth to spent some time in learning how to write percussion tracks.
I just started with some Lows on the downbeats and some lightweight 8th or 16th hits with a bit of variation and it sounded much more better.

I just bought them. There is not that much in it as i expected, but the lows are very well recorded and give a lot of punch. Combined with the Discover stuff - i think - it might be enough to get a very good starting point…

If you want, you can check out my action track, where i have a small percussion solo.

Keep it up,

Thanks all for your feedback. I have purchased one of Mike’s courses “Cinematic Percussion” and added EW Stormdrum 2 (pro) to my collection.



Nice use of Time signature, I thought that if I had that kick going through I would modulate it a little to bring more life from it, maybe automate filter or reverb to make it move, definitely get the pulse vibe though! Good track.

Hey I just received an email this morning for this new updated library of cinematic epic percussion. Cheap price and lots of different drums and sfx! I already own 4 libraries of percussion but maybe I will get this one too at half price at $49! Check it out.

The ambient sound interesting, but the static feeling brings me suspense not action. :man_shrugging:
I need more changes, surprises, something that keep me moving…