Action Contest - Beyond Reach (Simpolished)

Well, this track is meant to take you back to the Roman era. I was thinking of an arena fight between gladiators with several thrilling moments. That is also why it contains various ancient instruments. I have added (sub)drops in multiple places to keep the attention level high all the time.

I don’t want to say too much about it. I’d rather you fantasize about it yourself.

Song links


  • Ableton Live 10 (for producing)
  • Pro Tools (for mixing)


  • EW Composer Cloud (Hollywood Orchestra Diamond, Hollywood Choirs Diamond, EW Silk, EW RA, EW Stormdrums, EW Voices of the Opera, EW Voices of Passion)
  • Best Service Eduarto Tarilonte Ancient ERA Persia
  • ProjectSAM Orchestra
  • AizerX Trailer Series
  • In Session Audio Taiko Creator
  • Kontakt Discovery Series

Composition Details (Tempo, Key etc)

  • Tempo: 158 bpm
  • Key: D minor

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my track. Feedback is always welcome. I also want to express my appreciation to Mike who organizes these contests. Right now I’m not very active on this forum, but my intention is to put more time into it in the future. There is a lot of good music on this forum and we can learn from each other. I will now listen to the other entries.

Have a good day,



Really impressive momentum, with hints of Greek overtones. I have always been impressed with the use of resources in Ableton! Do you create in the session view or the arrangement view?

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Thanks for your reply! Good to hear that you hear the Greek influences.

I create everything in the arrangement view. I use the session view only for mixing, although I usually do that in Protools as well. I am very satisfied with ableton, especially the most recent version.

Great sounds! I love the choirs. I also think the ethnic parts are a solid addition to the underlying suspense.

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After this contest, this one will find placement somewhere. Sounds big and pro. I think you could make some of the instruments a little wetter with that big reverb, maybe? You definitely know what you’re doing with this trailer style.

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Great action track! The momentum is good with usage of some pauses to create anticipation, nice choice of instruments too. Very solid.

Great job!

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A well polished track. Like the excitement and the the change up or climax of quarter notes triplets around 1:31 then the breakdown following with the solo ethnic vocal and ascending mandolin(?) sound. Fantastic!


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I loved your music and I just heard it when listening trough all the pieces before voting. :slight_smile: Great job!

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That is so nice to hear! Thank you!

Action, action, action. Thank you for posting it. you fit perfectly the topic. Huge.

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