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I don’t know what category to put this question in… haha.

I know that many composers upload videos of their music and use video resources, and I really like that the music has a very good visual presentation… I would like to know which sites you recommend to download video/images resources (avoiding Google Images) .

I sometimes use Pixabay resources, sometimes I use ArtStation images (asking the creator if he gives me permission to use his image), I know there are also YouTube channels with free animated backgrounds.


Ah, great question, I love using beautiful images in my backgrounds. :slight_smile:

Best free websites I have found are pixabay.com and unsplash.com.

You can also go to Deviantart which is a super big community of graphic artists, and then if you find a cool image you can ask the artist if you can be allowed to use it.

I know Sebastién @Lazypixel also uses some cool image to video animation type app. I forgot the name.


amazing, I didn’t know unsplash, I’ll take a look

if I knew devianart, although I noticed more artstation…thank you so much

You can also search NASA’s database for footage. I always give them credit at the end of the video, however. There are also some free creative commons use footage on YouTube if you search for it. It will tell you in the description whether it is freely usable or not.

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Thank you very much, NASA footages will be perfect for music about space, and I like to do that kind of music sometimes.