A small studio addition..Bluetooth to stereo adapter

Well …Though I’d post this up as it’s really practical …my wife was complaining that the wireless Bluetooth powered speakers didn’t sound as great as our main stereo …and wanted to know if she could send Bluetooth from her phone or tablet to the main stereo system …I found this really nice and inexpensive module that’s sounds great with great Bluetooth range that connects to the main stereo

The unit runs on its own wall power plugin and provides cables for 3.5mm stereo plugin …3.5mm rca adapter as well as a toslink cable

Anyhow , took about 10 minutes to install it all …at the most …and about 30 seconds to pair it on Bluetooth to my tablet… it’s relatively small…the pic is the unit sitting on my NAD3020a integrated amp.

Anyhow, 45.00 Canadian on Amazon…range is like 30 metres …there are a few versions but this one came with its own power supply , the cheaper units required USB power …

So a great little addition to the studio


I use a small Logitec Bluetooth adapter. My daughter loves to stream music from het iPhone to our stereo set… works like a charm!

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