A president who has always had a special place in my heart

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A full orchestral work.
Creative Vision for the Track:
It’s president’s weekend. In honor of it, here’s a piece I wrote a while back, a tribute to a Great President and a Great Man, Abraham Lincoln, a president who has always had a special place in my heart. I thought the Spielburg/ Daniel Day-Lewis film was wonderful and of course John Williams score was very fine and an appropriate backdrop. I sometimes wonder what music I’d write for upcoming films and what I would have done for LINCOLN. Well this is what. I hope you enjoy it.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
Time Sig: 4/4
Key: C major
Tempo: 107 bpm

Main Instruments used:
• EastWest Platinum Symphonic Orchestra, Strings, Horns, Woods, Timpani.
• My own piccolo, and flute

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Great tribute Charles! Very noble sounding with a good sense of pomp.

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These days we’re in times of revisionism and no one even Lincoln is above criticism, but the more his humanity and failings are revealed the more my respect and admiration for the man has grown. This composition came from my heart.
Thanks Matt. :grinning: