A piece in the style of John Williams

Hey guys, I wrote this piece “The Words Unspoken” in the style of John Williams. I am 18 years old and hope to some day be half the composer he is.

What do you amazing composers think of the piece. What could I do better and/or what could I improve on to make it sound more enticing?

This was produced in logic using Cinematic Studio Strings, CineBrass, and CineWinds.

Please refer to my YouTube link for my piece:


Very beautiful Since you are only 18, you are off to a stellar career. I would make the very beginning notes more crystal clear, they are a tiny bit muddy. The rest is magnificent. I just had an intuition to suggest listening to Ennio Morricone and James Horner to enrich your repertoire. Great job!

I concur with Dori; tremendous start.( didn’t hear much french horn, though…LOL)
Keep it up , younger tasteful composers are desperately needed.

Dearly noted. Thanks a bunch!

You are so welcome.Please send us more music soon. We eagerly await your beautiful ideas.
Also, never get discouraged. You have great talent.
The more you create, the more you will be appreciated.

Hi Virtuostic! really very impressive! BRAVO!
it sounds like you have a really good instinct. Don’t loose it! especially if you are studying at a music college, conservatoire or reading music at one of those pompous universities.
Listening to your music, I imagine that you can read music well. In that case, listen and read scores not only for films but orchestra scores from the late romantics. Perhaps it would inspire you since those scores are also the cultural Luggage of John William. https://imslp.org here you can find free scores.
Toitoitoi for everything and I’m looking forward to your next post!
And chat me up anytime!

The beginning akes me think of the Immolation Scene soundtrack in Star Wars ROST amazing job ! I feel the same as you in the beginning stages (I’m 20 with less than 2 or 3 years composing soundtracks). Love the sound !

It’s really beautiful

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I thought the overlapping string groups and the dynamics with firm intonation were excellent. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.