A pensive pandemic piece called First In, First Out

This is the first classical sync track that I wrote, and it just flowed out of me. I was waiting for the first winter snow storm during the pandemic, and and there was sense of anticipation as I sat in my studio and composed this. Enjoy while feeling somber and calm with a glass of wine

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Hello Michael, I moved this to the “Your Music” section, as the main contest rule is that the track has to be new and written for the contest during the month.

Sorry @Mikael but why wouldn’t this be allowed if he hasn’t shared it before? It’s a very recent track, so surely that would be ok? Just curious.

Because the first rule of the music contests is that the track should be written and published during the month of the contest, as that is the whole point of a challenge. Writing music specifically for the theme. :slight_smile:

Sorry Mikael, I was not aware of the rule…I should have read first. Thanks Geoffrey for your suggestion, I appreciate it. :blush:

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Oh no worries at all Michael. It’s mainly to make sure the contests are indeed new tracks created specifically for the very purpose of the theme of the challenge. :slight_smile:

I listened to your composition btw, very interesting colors. Lots of woodwinds, and that rhythmic bass line with gaps, and eerie sounding harmonies…all makes me feel like it’s a mystery/haunting atmosphere. Great use of pauses and “air” btw! :smiley:

Michael – Welcome and well done! Thanks for sharing your music!

You mentioned a “sense of anticipation”. I’m wondering if you had a visual impression of what that means to you. The piece seems a bit metronomic which is a valid option (e.g. the storm is coming and the clock keeps ticking off the minutes until it’s inevitable arrival). What might you do to let the anticipation (dread?) burn in a bit more?

I’m paraphrasing but Alfred Hitchcock described suspense as when the audience knows something is going to happen but doesn’t know when or perhaps how. They are in on what has or is about to happen. Its the waiting that builds suspense.

Again, welcome and thanks for sharing your music with us!