"A NEW DAWN" - video game character theme for a baby cartoony flower


This is supposed to be a character theme for a game. I used an uncommon character I have to say as I pictured it as a baby flower waking up in a new day.


Having to rapresent a baby cartoony flower I wanted it to be innocent and as such I decided to go for a flute and some lower brasses for the main melody, also some pizzicato strings. The theme is supposed to be short and loopable (cause, well… in a game it needs to loop).


4/4, 120 bpm. It’s in A Major, And to make this I went for melody first adding everything else later… and it was really hard for me because in my mind I can’t picture how the melody will sound when I have no chords or other instruments behind it already.


The background is done with a soundscape / pad from iZotope Iris 2 containing birds, some swamp sounds and a chorus, to give a more “natural” vibe to it.

All other intrusments are done with Sonimax Orchestral Companions.

I “think” I might have had some problem with mixing and mastering (as, of course, I’m an absolute beginner at that too) So of course every single feedback is really appreciated :slight_smile:

LINK TO TRACK: https://clyp.it/u4wdym2j?token=97e12ca582f06b70dc2729a430033a6f

This is a reference image I found on the net for the character I was composing for:

baby flower

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I find the song very good in terms of composition - nice choose of harmonics and melodies, that create pleasant and calming atmosphere. Nothing to change there.

But yes, you should improve the overall sound, because the instruments sound sharp to me and sometimes they resonate too much. I think you can enhance that with some EQ and reverb.

Keep going!

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