A Mother's Devotion

Happy (early) Mother’s Day to any moms in this group!

This piece was written with love and in memory of my mother, who passed away this last Easter Monday.

The score was written and “performed” using StaffPad for iOS. I was initially inspired after hearing the enchanting music of early 20th-century French composer, Lili Boulanger, on the radio while driving to go pick up take-out dinner! (If you haven’t discovered her music yet, check out D’un soir triste and D’un matin de printemps (1917-18)!

The next day, after a little research, I was inspired to write! It was Boulanger’s exquisite orchestration style and lyrical yet ambiguous tonal centers that influenced the first section of the piece. After the first day of writing, I decided to finish the work as a tribute to Mother’s Day. This latter aspect drove the second half of the piece to be graceful, inspirational, and accessible tonally.

Interestingly, (I believe) there are no accidentals in the composition. The last few pieces by me also have been void of accidentals. I’m not sure why other than perhaps I am starting to write more modally. Curious if others have experienced this as well.

I hope you enjoy listening.

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I hope you enjoy listening.


One huge hug from here, Brandon

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Oh gosh this is simply beautiful. Delicate, sumptuous and filled with love. Short yet very satisfying. It would be wonderful if your mom could somehow hear this.



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Thank you, Charles! This was a fun one to write, with all of the textures. I have to think that she is hearing it somehow. :slight_smile:

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I want to offer you my condolences for your lost. :unamused:
I like your song a lot. Beautiful! When we write music with our emotions, it flows by itself.

I can totally relate since I lost my father in october 2019 and it was 3 days before him passing away that I finally made the move to do something I wanted to a while ago:
Buy a MIDI controller and add strings to an acoustic piano recording I composed that I wanted him to listen to before it was too late.

That started my whole journey into composing music and it is the most positive aspect I will remember from all that tough experience.


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Thank you, Jonathan.

Glad to hear you embarked upon your journey of composing. I’m sure your father would be proud!

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Wow, beautiful arrangement! I guess I need to check out Lili Boulanger too. The beginning of your piece reminded me of Rite of Spring a bit. But as it swells into the second half it was emotionally stirring in a very different way. Well done.

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Thanks, Mike. Agree, it does have a bit of rite of spring sound at the beginning. It kind of started there and went somewhere else. :slight_smile: At first I wasn’t happy about that, but it all worked out in the end I think. Did you check out Boulanger?

Beautiful piece – I think there is a darkness to it as well (probably due to your loss - my condolences)

The opening few seconds brought to mind the scores for those 90’s Disney movies such as Beauty and the Beast

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Thank you @MorphineNoir. Ah, I love the opening of B&theB and how it sets up the tale. :slight_smile:

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