A electronic track called Do Not Worry

My Creative Goal for the Music:
Just to have fun

Main Instruments/Sounds:
Drums: Boom Vst and for the other sounds I used, Ana2 VST

Track Insights & Final Notes
The song is called Do not Worry, let me know what you think. In 2 weeks I have been creating music for one year. I do not really know the genre so maybe some of you can help me pinpoint that.


Genre wise propably synthwave/synth pop. Perhaps a bit too much reverb on drums especially kick. Try adding sub to your kick or layering with another kick and ducking synths with compressor (sidechain compression) for kick might help. Lead gets a bit lost as well - perhaps try a bit of parrallel saturation on it.

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I like the beat! Good strong dancing music. Needs a little work on the panning and sound levels. The main distortion/overdrive guitar drowns out the other instruments that make the melody. It sounds a bit like a nylon guitar? Pan one a bit to the left, and the other to the right, and evaluate their loudness levels so one does not drown out the other, and the softer one a bit louder.

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Thank you all for the advice. I wish I could do what you said but it all Chinese to me… only the reverb part I understand because I use that. Will use less reverb on new songs… I am only doing this for a year now, panning I do not understand yet, I think it has to do with what side of the speaker the sound comes out? I am not sure. Would not know how to do it either lol.
I made a few songs already, this song is part of an album thats already on bandcamp. But I will make note of the reverb, will put that a lot less in the newer songs I make, thx all for the great advice and for listening!

Much of the software that makes music will have a setting for each of the instrument tracks. How far to the left, how far to the right. That is the pan setting.

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