A different Child

Track Description : Christmas carol.

My Creative Vision : When I think in music for the end of the year, I remember the songs I grew up with. I supose that eveyone has his/her own vision of what a christmas song must contain. This is what I chose:

  • Must be simple, “cantabile”, something we can sing along.
  • Percussion easy instruments, bells, tambourine…
  • Animous, happy and/or conforting feeling.
  • Vocals with the appropiate lyrics should be (I don’t have vocals this time :confused: )

Composition Overview : There is a emotive intro and outro, with some strings, but the main part has a rythmic folky sound. It has a 3/8 guitar carpet, and wind and percussion instruments playing the melodies.

Main Sounds :

Strings (chellos, violas, violins)
2 pianos
brass (horns, trombones, trumpet, tenor sax)
winds (flute, recorder, whistle)
percussion (2 bells, udu, tambourines,…)

I hope you enjoy it. Please, stay safe. Enjoy prodently.

The link is:


Really wonderful piece Vicente! The mixing was very well done on this one; very clean and all the instruments fit together nicely. The sax + flute was an interesting choice for your main woodwinds, but I think they worked well. I could almost hear a female alto voice with the flute’s melodies (truth, I just listened to Beethoven’s 9th, so I hear lots of voices in my head right now :rofl:) I think that would’ve work well.

Great piece my friend. I’m going to have to up my game on mixing :smile: Happy Holidays!

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Thank you for your words. I hope my new monitors helps me to mix and master in a cleaner way.
I think is a song “ready to sing”. Maybe in the future it will have some lyrics, and the instruments that hold the melody will become second voices. And the title also suggest a focus for the story to tell.


Love to hear it again with vocals!

Vicente - I like your vision of what Christmas music should sound like. I love the positivity, chimes, guitar, and percussion. Nice ending slowdown. Looking to your vocal version as well. :wink:

Happy Holidays!

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Very nice! I can picture carolers singing this melody. Nice instrumentation. And I really liked when the bridge came in at about the 2 minute mark.

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This is really beautiful and a charming Christmas tune. The melody is enchanting and your choice of a flute and sax really changes up what might be a predictable “Christmas” sound. Good production and I love the shift in keys in the middle section. If anything I would build up the ending a bit more, you started to do that, even more would take it over the top and lead nicely to the sweet, uplifting ending.

Thanks for your words, Brandon. Vocal version…maybe next year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you like it Mike. I really imagined the song with a family group singing and playing around a table, in the afternoon of christmas eve. Except for the intro and outro with strings sections, I think that the rest can be played with instruments easily found at home, even by children. That was my idea.

I thank your words, Suzanne. I love that specially you find my wind melodies good.
You’re rigth. The outro is like the intro with a very little variation. I liked the way this strings prepare us for an emotive moment, but there is a big contrast with the main part that is much more folky, easygoing and homemade, so I decided not to give a heavier weight to strings.
Once I finished the song, I thought that maybe the strings part theme could be developed as an independent song. :thinking: Too many ideas and life is so short… :rofl: :rofl:
I wish you enjoy this days. :christmas_tree: