A Dark Parade in Hell (Evil/Dark Music)

Hello Composers, Mike here! :slight_smile:

Track Description: A dark and evil composition with a powerful evil boss vibe, with a sense of authority from the marching groove.

My Creative Vision: My vision for this track was to show the essence of insanity and chaotic vibe among the twisted mind of darkness. The dark lord, and his minions holding a parade in his honor in the massive fires of hell itself!

Composition Overview: The composition starts in A minor, but with lots of dissonant chord changes, and rapid modulations of key throughout to really bring forward the chaotic vibe.

It is in 4/4 but basically all rhythms are written in triplets which makes the overall groove very loose and open. Compared to a standard 4/4 marching vibe, I wanted the evil beasts of hell to be rebels even in the way to march. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also included a very dark and menacing breakdown which contradicts that marching vibe, and acts as a tension-builder and to boost the evil vibe.

Main Sounds: The sound palette is very focused on the brass section, and heavier overall on the low end range. There are a lot of layered staccato rhythms and stabs on strings and brass, even syncopated ones, to really get that chaotic yet powerful rhythm across.

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Very nice demonstration of your expertise.
Your analysis corresponds very well to your composition, and one feels very well this heavy atmosphere, and as you explain the modulation which arrives of an abrupt way demonstrates well the chaos which reigns in this world of blackness.
Thank you for making us enjoy this composition, which for my part, will serve as an example.

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Thank you Jean-Michel, that is very kind of you. :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, I would like to point out that when I mentioned “good example” it is referring to the track description and composition analysis in the post.

I would love if every track posted gives as much insights as possible as it is a great way to learn for fellow composers. Both technical insights of the composition/production, as well as creative vision insights on how the composers thought when making the music. :slight_smile:


Enjoyed this track a lot. The changes in rhythm strangely reminded me of a Russian themed film, maybe war film!

I would perhaps add a bit more depth to the drums in certain parts, mainly through reverb etc but thats more mixing preference perhaps :slight_smile:

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an epic soundtrack, it reminds me a little of the Russian villains of the movies, the changes of modes are incredible, I like the change in time 0:58 . And a surprising ending, I like that riser sound

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Thanks Ben and Luis, you guys are right haha. It does have a Russian vibe to it, but it was not my intention when writing it. But yeah I could see this in some Russan war movie now that you mentioned it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted lots of harmonic changes, and the main thing is still the triplet grooves against a 4/4 marsh which feels like “rebels” against natural order hehe.

I think you are right Ben, I could have had some more deep drums on some places. I am looking to eventually get HZ Percussion to expand my palette to those deeper and very roomy types of percussion sounds. :slight_smile:

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Hz drums certainly looks great, there’s a few drum libraries, lesser known ones I’ve found for trailer music that are also surprisingly very good for that

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