A Check List for Recording and Creating Seamless Loops

A Check List for Recording and Creating Seamless Loops

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to create a step by step procedure checklist for when going out and do recording for found sounds meaning sounds round you either inside or outside of your environment

so I have definite plan of action on what to do

To be used for Sound Effects or Design

Maybe others can help fill out this check list of What I missing or do-not have

Step 1. Recording - me iPhone is all I have at this time

A.Using a Recording app - Voice Memos

Step 2. Audio Clean Up And Isolate the specific sample You Recorded - using RX Elements

Few ideas I have found still in progress

A. Using a EQ with very narrow Q to search and surgically select a single string of different frequency’s of the recorded sample I tend to use and combine to together where that frequency represent a musical note

to use that found sound to create a playable instrument

B.Use a recorded audio sample of different velocities and intensity’s and variations and randomness to create different layers to make one big layer to be combined for a playable instrument on midi keyboard

Step 3. Create a Seamless Loop - still trying to learn this technique with either Logic Pro X or Studio One 4 Artist

For the following

A.Use for background loop for filling in all the gaps that the foreground sounds might have silence or drop in volume

basically to be used to glue everything to together

B.To Create different Layers Of sounds where each has it only space in the stereo Spectrum

to create a big dimension of sound scape from way of In the distance to Right in your face close up

AK(think of a Hollywood cgi artist when they do compositing all the background,mid ground and background elements each element has its own special place to create a full frame of film)

C.To be used in a sampler for creating a seamless loop for a playable instrument

D.to create use able risers or downers like the Shepard tone

I hope this make sense


Another approach is bring it into a synth like Alchemy - have a very long sustain and release and you can use modulations/Lfo’s, sequencers to aid movement. Also add oscillators to it or use the same sound/sample and apply say granular and layer them - perhaps add a sub or detuned oscillator etc. You can also use something like Valhalla shimmer and just record the reverb output and use that as a starting point. Try reversing the sample, add distortion or use logics step fx or something like tantra or movement on a parallel bus.

Really need to get that tutorial video done for the ambient track I did. Just play around with sounds - I think sometimes being less rigid can produce more happy accidents.


If you do make an educational video for composers, there is a sub section of the forum you can post it in: https://forum.professionalcomposers.com/c/resources/tutorials