8dio century strings

Hi. Are there anyone here who own 8dio century strings? What’s your opinion? Pros, cons?

I’ve only heard that the name comes from how long it takes to load


Yes me too. Makes me little afraid of buying them.

I’ve noticed many of 8dio’s libraries are slow loading, and I’ve tried doing the batch re-save like they advise, which cuts off some time, but still slower than anything else I have

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Yes some are a little slower. Some are also worth it. I have some 8dio I’m really happy. Century strings and some choirs. But my main libraries are other ones.

You can get it [Century Strings Bundle] free with a $248 purchase at the moment, along with 55% off anything else you get. I wonder why they’re willing to give it up so cheap.
They must have something better on the way, so I’m torn about getting it. They just came out with “Sound paint”, a program they’ve been talking about for awhile, so maybe they have a string library for it on the way that will make Century obsolete. And I have a feeling that 5G - whenever it comes - will make all our stuff obsolete.