4Strings - String Arrangement Contest

I took advantage of this contest to study a bit the Spitfire BBCSO core library that I got on black friday.
The composition is a study of sounds but I have not used all the articulations present … maybe I will try to continue it by adding other articulations.
I started with an Arabic style, but then I enjoyed changing to finish with a tango.
I only used BBCSO strings and obviously some extra reverb by trying out some Chris Lord Alge techniques.



Hi. NIce style on this piece. Don´t have any specific feedback I liked it. Maybe start with some lower dynamics and let it increase through the piece. Just a suugestion. Love the sound of the BBC I don´t own it myself.

Niice, Roberto. You are in the right road.
I’m also triyng to apply articulations properly to obtain a realistic strings sound, and the tips a can share are that you could enfatice the dynamic range making volume changes more evident, and also, expression variations can not only be used between different fragments, they can also be seewed inside a fragment or melody, because not every note is played the same way inside a single phrase.
Good job. and good luck. :+1: :+1:

I’m really liking the writing, chord progressions and colors here! Indeed, more variation in the articulations could spice things up, but I’d also suggest being more aggressive with the dynamics in the dramatic parts. It seems like various “swell patterns” (in-out over each bar, one bar in-one bar out etc) is pretty much the “best practices” for strings, and absolutely straight sustains (like in Beethoven’s No. 5) should only be used when that effect is specifically desired.

Thanks @Fredrik @VSHDEL @olofson for your suggestions !!!
checking the tracks with the VU meter, maybe I have a little too much control over the dynamics.
I will study Beethoven’s 5th Symphony :wink:

My idea is to continue trying other articulations, and maybe I also review the dynamics.
Thank you


Really liked this Roberto! The more exotic Arabian sound was well done and your switch to the tango-like section was flawless and fit well. Mixing-wise, for my taste, personally, I think it would have been great to make it fuller, bigger and more of a Hollywood sound as I could see this as part of a film score, but it works equally as well as a regular concert piece.

Well done!

Thanks and great suggestin @MaestroX .
I will try to do a more Hollywood version with some layers!