2HAC 14 - Leaves in the Wind

Video game soundtrack, contemporary classical inspired.

Creative Vision for the Track:
The theme for this 2HAC (https://2hac.abstractionmusic.com/) was Entropy, and I envisioned dry autumn leaves nervously swirling around in the turbulent wind gusts. It’s essentially a very simple 4/4 piano background with occasional percussion, and restless and somewhat chaotic violin and cello parts, that push and pull the rhythm to make it… well, “interesting” I suppose.

The playing is perhaps what you can expect from someone who’s just been at it for three years or so, with zero ability to sight read or improvise on the spot. Composition and editing probably was within the two hours, but learning/playing and recording took a few hours extra. Another few years to have it actually sound good, I suppose! :wink:

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
90 BPM 4/4, E minor

Main Instruments used:
Piano, cello, violin, two bass drums, claves, chimes, cymbal.

Real: Cello, violin.
Virtual: Pianoteq 7, NI Symphonic Percussion


I don’t know David, sounds pretty damn good to me. Give yourself some credit! Really haunting and dark, but in a good way. Would fit really well on an album of Gothic music :smile:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Of course, it’s difficult to avoid comparing oneself to seasoned professionals, and also, just as with vocals, it’s easy to forget all the practice hours and/or editing behind most performances and recordings we actually get to hear. No worries, though; I’m really excited to have reached this level already, and the motivation to keep practicing is stronger than ever! :smiley:

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A pensive and very effective piece. Has a raw sound to it which helps create an appropriate edge. I think this would work well in a film where the protagonist returns to wander through a scene of loss.
Well done David.


Thank you! I didn’t actually think as far as movie scenes and bigger contexts when I was working on it, but that’s a good point! It all kind of just grew into this by itself as a result of me improvising over the piano part.